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How Do Rocky Mountaineer Train Vacations Work?

If you’re considering a Rocky Mountaineer train vacation, here’s some useful information. Read on for details on seating options, Culinary packages, and the various routes offered by VIA Rail. We’ll also discuss the service levels offered by the Rocky Mountaineer. Read on to learn more about how to make the most of a Rocky train vacation. Once you’ve decided to book your vacation, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the scenery.

Rocky Mountaineer service levels

When choosing a train, passengers should pay close attention to the service level offered by the company. There are two levels of service available on the Rocky Mountaineer, Silverleaf Service and GoldLeaf Service. GoldLeaf coaches have bi-level dome coaches and a private outdoor vesibule. GoldLeaf coaches offer a la carte fine dining and fresh onboard meals. If you want to travel in style, you can choose the Silverleaf service.

The Rocky Mountaineer is a popular and convenient way  Rocky Train Vacations to travel through the mountains. The train departs twice a week, during daylight hours. You’ll get a glimpse of the magnificent Rocky Mountaineer panorama as you travel to the various destinations. The journey can take up to two hours, but you’ll still get plenty of time for sightseeing and dinner. You can also upgrade your accommodations to GoldLeaf Service or SilverLeaf Deluxe, depending on your budget and taste.

Routes offered by VIA Rail

If you’re planning a train vacation in Western Canada, consider taking the Rocky Mountaineer. This famous luxury train travels through the Canadian Rockies, following the Fraser River and the Canyons of the Thompson River. It passes through Lake Louise and the famous Last Spike. You can also hop on or off at any stop to explore the area. Then, relax on your train’s comfortable seats while listening to the onboard host’s entertaining history lessons.

The Canadian Pacific route is considered more scenic than the Canadian National route, and it passes along the Fraser and Thompson rivers. You’ll also pass by the 1885 Last Spike and the Continental Divide. Along the way, you’ll see spectacular vistas and the pristine beauty of the Rocky Mountains. On the train, you can relax in glass-domed cars and enjoy complimentary alcoholic beverages and hot meals.

Seating options

The seating options for Rocky Train Vacations vary depending on which type of train you choose. The Rocky Mountaineer offers comfortable seats with plenty of leg room. The seats also recline, making it convenient for passengers to take naps mid-route. On top of that, you’ll have the luxury of complimentary beverages and gourmet snacks. You’ll also enjoy the company of an on-board host who will deliver an immersive narration, highlighting the region’s history and pointing out points of interest.

The Rocky Mountaineer train travels through some of Canada’s most beautiful cities and scenery. You’ll enjoy gourmet meals served in large, comfortable seats, as well as historical tidbits from an onboard host. For those who want to have an outdoor view, you can opt for a SilverLeaf car with vestibules between cars. You’ll also be able to enjoy the fresh mountain air in between cars. You’ll also find a Canadian Train Vacation Advisor to help you plan the best places to visit in Western Canada.

Culinary packages

Gourmet meals and wine pairings are just part of the experience aboard the Rocky Mountaineer, one of the most prestigious trains in the world. The train’s luxury dining cars, which feature bi-level glass domes, allow guests to experience gourmet cuisine while seated at their seats. The Silverleaf and Goldleaf services feature the highest levels of service and amenities. The GoldLeaf service includes an upgraded dining car and additional amenities, including a separate dining room and outdoor viewing platform.

A SilverLeaf or GoldLeaf package includes hot meals at your seat, and includes complementary wine and non-alcoholic beverages. GoldLeaf and SilverLeaf Plus include an additional course during select meals, as well as premium alcoholic beverages. Both packages include a ‘Rocky Mountaineer’ newspaper and are priced at US$395 per person. You can also add on the ‘SilverLeaf’ package to have access to the lounge car.

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