I want you to know what I think, but I also want to make it clear that I listen. Nothing here is set in stone or is beyond influencing. My basic values are settled at this point in my life, and they are well expressed in the ten key values of the Green party. But no one knows everything and no one can afford to act as if he/she has nothing further to learn. These statements represent my current best understanding of the issues I am addressing, but I fully expect to revise the specifics and even some general ideas as I learn more, from you and by dint of further study. I do not believe my opponents are as dedicated to detailed learning and I do not believe they want you to know the details of their thinking as I do. You decide.


I am not personally the author of every piece published here, although I am the primary author of most. But we see this campaign as a group effort of a lot of people and incorporating each other's ideas is an important part of that. Thus, all of my pieces have been thoroughly edited by the group, and primary authorship of various pieces belongs to others including Sabrina Hardenbergh, Joshua Hellmann, and Kyle Rowbotham. The editing group also includes Rich Whitney, Lee Hartmann, and Vito Mastrangelo.


I support the platform of the Green Party of the United States. Like all party members, I may disagree with specific statements in the platform, but it is a good guide for where I stand on the issues.


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