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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers

Whether you’re cleaning the windows of your house, the deck of your boat, or the patio of your apartment complex, a pressure washer can get the job done. There are different kinds, so it’s important to understand how each one works and what each one can do before you buy one. There are gas pressure washers and electric pressure washers, and you’ll need to know how much power each one has. Gas pressure washers are usually more powerful and can remove almost any dirt and debris that clogs its nozzle. However, they are also more expensive, heavier, and require more maintenance.


The GPM of pressure washers measures how much water they can spray per minute. Typically, high GPM pressure washers will be more efficient at washing away gunk and grime. They can also be used with multiple hoses to increase productivity. High GPM pressure washers are best suited for larger jobs.

PSI and GPM are two of the most important Pressure Washers near Pittsburgh PA factors when choosing a pressure washer. For general cleaning tasks, PSI is more important than GPM, but for heavy-duty tasks, GPM is critical.


PSI is a term that refers to the amount of water that is put through a pressure washer. There are different PSI settings for pressure washers and choosing the right PSI will help you get the best results. Usually, a low PSI is ideal for washing your car, while a high PSI is appropriate for sidewalks and driveways.

PSI is often a good place to start when buying a pressure washer. But, it isn’t the only thing to consider. GPM is also an important factor. Higher GPM means higher efficiency. The PSI and GPM are multiplied together and you’ll have a better idea of the type of pressure washer that you’ll need.


Different pressure washers offer different levels of pressure. Depending on the job, the power level can be reduced or increased. Some are designed for everyday use while others are used for industrial cleaning. Those that are used for everyday jobs may only need 2,000 PSI pressure. But if you have an extensive collection of outdoor furniture or frequently need to clean your car in between washes, a pressure washer with three hundred or more PSI might be the best option.

Power washers use a powerful motor to force water through a concentrating nozzle. The high-pressure water blasts off grime and dirt and can even clean your outdoor furniture. They can be used on many different surfaces and are safe to use.


While a pressure washer may look like a common household appliance, it can actually be a dangerous tool. A single misstep could cause serious injury. Pressure washers should only be used by trained professionals and by following proper safety practices. There are several common safety tips that can make pressure washer use much safer.

Ensure that the pressure washer is properly maintained. The risk of an accident increases when the equipment is not maintained properly. Accidents can be expensive and may result in legal action against the business owner or property owner. The business owner may be responsible for paying medical bills and damages if someone is injured on the job. In addition, workers’ compensation can be applied in certain cases if an employee sustains an injury. Using a pressure washer safely is an important part of business practices.


Price is one of the main factors you should take into consideration when buying a pressure washer. Cheaper machines won’t offer you as much quality as more expensive models, and you may not need every feature that a higher priced unit offers. However, you can combine features, specs, materials, and other factors to find the best pressure washer for your needs. When shopping for pressure washers, it is helpful to make a “must have” list of the features that you’re looking for, and then shop based on this list.

Another important factor in choosing the right pressure washer is its power. A high-powered unit can be used for large jobs, such as cleaning large areas. However, a low-powered model can be ineffective in smaller tasks. You should choose a higher-powered model if you expect to use it more often than a smaller one.

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